About the course

Programme fees: £750

This five-day course aims to introduce key aspects of the study and preservation of heritage materials of the Ismaili communities, including manuscripts, rare printed materials, artefacts, photographs, archives and more. Bringing together participants from ITREBs and interested members of the community, the course will cover theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of the understanding and preservation of these materials and relevant cultural property regulations where applicable. It will focus on building an understanding of the historical and contextual aspects of these materials, observing best practices in their preservation, care and handling, as well as maintaining records and instituting systems in managing these materials. The course will also help participants identify and nurture relationships with potential owners of heritage material and repositories of cultural heritage within ITREBs. Taught by specialist faculty at the IIS, the course will combine historical, theoretical and methodological aspects with hands-on experience of working with relevant examples of actual materials held at the IIS.

Dr Wafi Momin

Course Director

Wafi Momin heads the Ismaili Special Collections Unit at The Institute of Ismaili Studies. In this role he has overall responsibility for the development and preservation of these collections, as well as for conceptualising and overseeing research projects and educational activities pertaining to them. 


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