Educational Field Trips


Second-year GPISH students visit Cordoba and Granada where they get to grips with the rich history, art, architecture and social, political and cultural history of Muslim Spain. 

The trip contributes to the attainment of learning objectives of the GPISH modules in which the focus is on learning about the formation of political and religious identity through the medium of art and architecture.


Scholars Present on Science and Learning in the Ismaili Tradition

Senior Research Fellow at the IIS, Professor Wilferd Madelung presented a paper at an interdisciplinary workshop on the traditions of science and learning in the Ismaili tradition entitled ‘Science in Context: The Dustur al-Munajjimin (Statute of the Astronomers) and its world’. The workshop was organised by Mohammad Karimi Zanjani Asl, Professor Eva Orthmann and Petra G. Schmidl at the University of Bonn in Germany.

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