Interview with Dr. Amyn B. Sajoo about ‘Contemporary Islams & Muslims’ Seminar Series

28th November 2007
Lecturer: Amyn B Sajoo
Topic: Introductory Remarks to Contemporary Islams & Muslim (s) Lecture Series: Feminisms and Islams

1. The first question has to do with the title of the lecture series, 'Contemporary Islams and Muslims'. While one can easily understand the use of plural for Muslims, why have you chosen to use 'Islam' in the plural form?

2. To carry this idea further, if 'Islams' is to be used in the plural form, how are the sub-divisions to be made?

3. Right now you chose to use 'modernity' in singular while the title of Aziz Al-Azmeh's book, which you referred to earlier, is 'Islams and modernities'. Would you consider modernity to be a singular whole or should the term also be used in plural to indicate multiple modernities?

4. Let's now move to the choice of speakers. Why have these particular speakers been chosen for this series?

5. What is the purpose of having the 'Contemporary Islams and Muslims' project at the IIS and what are its desired outcomes?

6. Who is the target audience for this series?

7. One last question. Fazlur Rahman's project was called 'Islam and Modernity'. How is the 'Contemporary Islams and Muslims' project different from it?