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Interview with Dr Amyn Sajoo on Muslim Ethics: Emerging Vistas

19th June 2008
Publication: 'Muslim Ethics: Emerging Vistas'
Author: Dr Amyn B. Sajoo
Questions addressed:
1. The cover of the book features an image depicting Noah’s Ark – and it is remarkably evocative. Could you share your perspective on the choice and how it relates to the text?

2. Why have you chosen ‘Muslim ethics’ as the subject of this book? What makes ‘Muslim’ ethics unique and different from Christian or for that matter secular or cosmopolitan ethics?

3. There is much talk today about ‘public ethics’ in the Western world – in the professions, in matters related to healthcare, as well as in economic and political life. Is this something you address in your book?

4. Your sub-title for this book is ‘Emerging Vistas’. Could you elaborate on these ‘Vistas’?

5. In your book, you mention the plurality of meanings of religious texts. Is there an element of inconsistency between the notion of pluralism of interpretations and the idea of universal ethical commands? Does the idea of plurality of meanings support relativism in ethics rather than a universal ethical code?