The Ismaili Imams: A Biographical History by Farhad Daftary

26th May 2021
In this video, Dr Farhad Daftary speaks about how this book builds on decades of research, and represents an important contribution to the Ismaili community.

Dr Farhad Daftary, Co-Director of The Institute of Ismaili Studies and, since 1992, Head of the Department of Academic Research and Publications is a leading authority on Shi'i studies, and particularly its Ismaili tradition. In this revealing interview, he speaks about what motivated him to write The Ismaili Imams: A Biographical History - the first ever collection of biographies of all 49 Ismaili Imams - and who it's intended for.

Drawing on a lifetime of research and complete with full-colour illustrations and photographs, this represents a major contribution to, and reference for, not only students and scholars but also the Ismaili community and its shared history and heritage.