An Interview with Dr Nadia Eboo Jamal on Post-Mongol Period of Ismaili History

26th April 2011
Publication: Surviving the Mongols: Nizari Quhistani and the Continuity of Ismaili Tradition in Persia
Author: Dr Nadia Eboo Jamal
1. What was your motivation or source of inspiration to write this book? (00:00)
2. What aspects of Ismaili philosophy would you say are apparent in Nizari Quhistani’s poetry? (01:46)
3. What do you hope readers will take away from the book regarding the survival of the Isma'ilis following the Mongol invasions? (04:35)
4. Has new scholarship caused you to change your perspective on the history of the Isma'ilis following the Mongol invasions? (07:05)
5. What do you think is the contemporary relevance of a work of this kind for the Shi‘i and the wider Muslim community? (09:05)
6. Has the book been translated into other languages? (11:15)