A core part of the educational remit of The Institute of Ismaili Studies is the development of an international curriculum for the global Ismaili community, covering the pre-school to secondary age-groups. The planning and development of the curriculum is undertaken by the Department of Curriculum Studies, which produces a range of educational materials and resources for use by teachers and students located in over twenty-five countries. The curriculum materials are currently available in ten languages.

The international curriculum forms the basis of religious education programmes organised by the Ismaili Tariqahinfo-icon and Religious Education Boards (ITREBs). The curriculum presents a graded programme of instruction which examines Islam as both faith and civilisation, historically and in contemporary times. It approaches the study of Islam in general, and the Shiainfo-icon Ismaili tradition specifically, from humanistic, civilisational and normative perspectives. Its overall aim is to educate young Ismailis in the faith, ethics, history and cultures of Muslim societies, and the Ismaili Muslim community in particular.

The curriculum draws upon modern principles of education, with the intention of making learning a creative and engaging experience for young minds, as well as seeking to bridge religious and secular education. The teaching and learning materials produced include student readers and textbooks, guides for teachers and parents, and learning resources which include activity books, posters and picture cards.