Find out more about this inspiring exhibition, which brings together 22 international multimedia artists to interpret the concept of Al-Jannah—the Garden of Eden, or Paradise in Islam.
Watch the Understanding Shari‘a webinar, which brings together leading thinkers in the field to delineate what shari‘a is and what it is not.
Journey along the historic trade route in The Silk Road: A Living History, which opens in King’s Cross on April 8th.
Students in masks bumping elbows
The IIS continues to follow UK government guidelines on work and study during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our number one priority is ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all staff and students. The AKC building management team are working hard to make...
The Prophet Muhammad Islam and the Divine Message
Visit this page for details, interviews and short reads on The Prophet Muhammad: Islam and the Divine Message , the third book in our World of Islam series.
Dr. Farhad Daftary presents for the first time the illustrated biographies of all the 49 Ismaili imams in a series of concise narratives recounting their lives and actions, and through them the Ismaili community’s history and heritage. Find out more.
To mark International Education Day, with its theme “Recover and Revitalise Education for the COVID-19 Generation”, students and programme staff at the IIS’s Department of Graduate Studies reveal how their programmes have responded to the pandemic.
A Selection of Our Publications is Now Available in eBook Formats
We are delighted to launch a selection of free ebooks, which can now be read online or downloaded. Watch this space for new additions!
The Safar-nama is record of an expansive journey undertaken - from Central Asia to the Mediterranean Coast, Egypt, Arabia and back - by a Persian poet and philosopher, Nasir Khusraw, in the mid-11th CE century. The rich tapestry of the travelogue,...

The Institute of Ismaili Studies was established in 1977 to promote scholarship of Muslim cultures and societies, historical as well as contemporary, leading to a better understanding of their relationship with other societies and faiths. 

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