• 27 Apr 2023
  • Ismaili Centre, London
  • World of Islam
  • Book launch

Book Launch: The Fatimids: 2. The Rule from Egypt

The Institute of Ismaili Studies and ITREB UK warmly invite you to a book launch conversation with author and historian, Dr Shainool Jiwa and Senior Advisor to the Aga Khan Development Network and IIS Governor, Mr Naguib Kheraj, at the Ismaili Centre, London. The event will also be available to watch online at Ismaili TV.

The conversation will explore the World of Islam series, including The Fatimids: 2. The Rule from Egypt, the newly released, fourth book. The series aims to provide non-specialist readers with a reliable and balanced overview of the diverse manifestations of Islam. It seeks to redress misperceptions by offering a nuanced survey of the plurality of interpretations amongst Muslims around the world and throughout history, who express their faith and values through varied cultural, social, intellectual and religious means.

The Fatimids: 2. The Rule from Egypt covers the story of the Fatimids from their newly founded capital of Cairo. Introducing the figures who moulded the empire, Dr Jiwa charts the Fatimid expansion, the reasons behind its ultimate fall, and the legacy that continues with the living Ismaili communities today. Signed copies of the book, along with others in the World of Islam book series will also be available to purchase (cashless payment only).

Date: Thursday 27 April 2023

Time: 8.15pm – 9.15pm (British Summer Time)

Location: Ismaili Centre and online (Ismaili TV)