• 18 Jul - 18 Jul 2023
  • Aga Khan Centre and online (Zoom)
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In Memoriam: Professor Wilferd Madelung

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In this event the IIS pays tribute to Prof. Wilferd Madelung (1930-2023) and honours his life and contribution to Islamic Studies in general and Ismaili Studies in particular. Scholars from around the globe, both in person and online, will present their testimonials and discuss Prof. Madelung’s legacy.

During his academic career, spanning more than 65 years, Professor Madelung made major contributions to many aspects of early and medieval Muslim history and thought. With particular reference to religious schools and movements in early Islam, his studies, based on a vast array of primary sources, have enriched the discipline’s understanding of almost every major Muslim movement and community – not only early Imami Shi‘ism and the later developments of Twelver, Ismaili and Zaydi Islam but also the lesser known aspects of the Sunni, Ibadi and Mu‘tazili schools of theology and beyond.

With this event, by discussing his work, scholars and the IIS pays homage to Prof. Madelung’s dedication to, and long-lasting impact on, the study of Muslim thought and societies. 

Date and time: 1.30pm-5.30pm, 18 July 2023

Reception from 1.30pm, programme begins at 2pm. There will be a short break at 3.30pm, and refreshments at 5.30pm.

Please note filming and photography will be taking place during this event.