This 21-minute video interview with Dr Amyn Sajoo on his book entitled, A Companion to Muslim Cultures, elaborates on the diverse historical, cultural and geographical contexts in which Muslims live and understand their faith.

A Companion to Muslim Cultures is the latest volume in the Muslim Heritage Series. An accomplished group of writers have shared their thoughts and reflections on how culture remains at the heart of shaping religious beliefs and their manifestations in societies. 

Reflecting on the various aspects of Muslim civilisations, Dr Sajoo sheds light on themes that range from architecture to music, technology, and cosmopolitanism. He explores the richly textured nature of the shari‘a, including culinary styles and etiquette, to illustrate the deeply intertwined relationship between culture and religion within Muslim contexts.
Q1: What was the thinking behind the publication of A Companion to Muslim Cultures? 00:08 – 01:20

Q2: How did you select the topics and speakers for this book? 01:21 – 02:53

Q3: What do you mean when you say “culture shapes every aspect of the relationship between God and the believers”? 03:00 – 05:06

Q4: How does the discussion of culture in this book contribute to our understanding of Shari‘a? 05:07 – 09:32

Q5: Could you share with us how the book elaborates on women in Muslim societies? 09:33 – 14:10

Q6: To what extent may we say that Muslim art, architecture, music and poetry are creations of Muslims only? 14:11 – 17:22

Q7: How does the cover image of the book relate to its contents? 14:12 – 21:10