Summer Programme on Islam 2013 - FAQs

  • Who can apply for the Summer Programme on Islam?
    Any member of the Jamat with an undergraduate degree and proficiency in English can apply. IIS and ISMC graduates or those who have attended the Summer Programme previously are not eligible to apply. Those who have completed either of the International Training Programmes (IWTP and PTEP) are also not eligible to apply.  
  • Where can I obtain an application form? The online application has now ended.
  • When is the application deadline? The online application has now ended.
  • When is the final selection date?
    Participants will be informed of the results of their application by mid-June via email.
  • Can I re-apply for the Summer Programme this year if my application was rejected last year?
    Yes, but only if you meet the selection criteria for this year.
  • If I was placed on a short-list last year or I could not participate because of visa issues, do I have to re-apply this year?
    Yes. Please ensure that you meet the selection criteria for this year.
  • What is the cost of the programme and what, if any, expenses are covered?
    The programme fee is £900 (British Pounds) which includes the cost of accommodation at Clare College and meals for the duration of the programme as well as course materials. IIS bears all the faculty and organisational costs. Participants will also be responsible for purchasing their own return airfare to London, travel to and from Cambridge, and any costs of obtaining a UK visa, if necessary.
  • If I am unable to contribute the full fees of the programme, will financial assistance be available?
    Limited financial assistance towards a portion of the contribution of £900 may be available on a case-by-case basis. However, participants will be responsible for their visa and travel related costs to the UK. If you like to apply for financial assistance, please download the form here and email it back to Please note, application and financial assistance are two separate processes. Selection of the participants is need-blind.
  • If I cannot pay the full programme fees before the programme, can I pay in instalments?
    Yes. This option may be available for select candidates on a case-by-case basis.
  • If selected to participate, do I have to obtain my own travel visa or will the Institute get it for me?
    Obtaining an appropriate UK Visa is the responsibility of the participant. Visa letters confirming admission to the programme will be provided by the IIS.
  • Do I have to pay the visa fee?
    Yes, participants will be responsible for their visa fee and any associated costs (such as travelling to the Embassy, obtaining or renewing a passport, etc).
  • What kind of accommodation is provided?
    The programme will be held at Clare College, Cambridge University, and all participants are expected to stay in their halls of residence which have single bedrooms and en-suite facilities
  • If I am allergic to certain foods, can appropriate arrangements be made?
    We work closely with the Clare College catering team to ensure that all dietary requirements are met. Participants must inform us of specific dietary requirements prior to the commencement of the programme and should agree to the arrangements before the commencement of the programme.
  • Who should I contact if I have any further queries?

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