In this module students are led to engage with the issue of social development by examining the impact of poverty, illness, illiteracy, homelessness and social injustice on communities across the world. A contextual approach is adopted to issues of development and their impact on the quality of life of people in different regions. The major part of the module is devoted to examining the institutions and projects of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) as case studies of innovative approaches to development in selected parts of the world. Particular attention is paid to the spiritual and ethical ideals which underpin the concept of development upheld by Imamat institutions. Students are led to a deeper appreciation of the long, historical tradition in the Ismaili Tariqah of Imams giving institutional realisation to the ethical call of Islam.


Ethical Pathways to Human Development Student Reader


Ethical Pathways to Human Development Teacher's Guide


Ethical Pathways to Human Development Student Workbook