Ibn Hani’ b. Muhammad b. Sa‘dun al-Andalusi (d. ca. 362/973)

Ibn Hani’s collection of poems in praise of the Fatimidsinfo-icon. Beside providing biographical information on the author, the poems cover religious topics, such as the imamatinfo-icon and its validity. They also deal with issues of a political nature and address polemics against the Fatimids by their Ummayad, ‘Abbasid and Byzantineinfo-icon rivals. The poems were composed over a long period of time. The earliest goes back to 347-8/958-9, written in honour of the general Jawhar, who was to mastermind the conquest of Egypt on behalf of the Imaminfo-icon-caliphinfo-icon al-Mu‘izz. Most of the poems are dedicated to the Imam-caliph al-Mu‘izz himself as well as to Ja‘far b. ‘Ali al-Andalusi and his family. Ja‘far had been brought up at the court of al-Mahdiyya and was the Imam-caliph’s foster-brother.

Copied in the first quarter of the 14th/20th century); copyist unknown.

162 leaves; 13 couplets per page; 198 x 132 mm; elegant black naskhi on multicoloured patterned paper, partially within blue and red frames; headings, words and partly marginal annotations in red; corrections and additions in the margins.

Ms. 1149 (ArI, ZA)

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