Joint Library of IIS-ISMC

Library Regulations and Code of Conduct


1.      These regulations shall apply to all facilities within the IIS-ISMC Joint Library.

2.      In these regulations “resources” means any book, journal, DVD, etc., including electronic resources owned by the library. “Users” mean all registered members who use library facilities and resources. “Check out” means circulation or reading inside the library reading areas. “Check in” means return of the book to the library circulation desk.


1.      All new users are required to register as a User before they use the library resources. All users must have a valid library card; with the exception of short-term visitors (see Regulation no. 6). They are responsible for keeping libraries informed of changes in the personal data kept by the library, including their addresses and email addresses.

2.      Users may bring visitors into the library only with the express permission of the library staff.

3.      Short-term visitors: If a scholar or student is unable to write in advance of their arrival at reception, they should sign the visitors’ book at reception and then go directly to the circulation desk and register their name.

Use of library resources and facilities

4.      Users are responsible for material or equipment issued to them until they have returned it in accordance with library procedures. Users must at all times protect material or equipment issued to them and must not damage it or expose it to hazardous conditions.

5.      Users must not write in, mark or otherwise deface or damage library material or equipment in any way. It is the user’s responsibility to check and report any problems with the resources before check out, and it is the library’s responsibility to check the condition of resources upon check in.

6.      The library may charge the user who damaged, marked or deface any resource to replace it or pay the cost to buy a new one. 

7.      Users must return promptly any library resources that are overdue or held by another user; they will receive more than one circulation notice to return resources.

8.      Users must use only library-approved facilities to photocopy, photograph or scan material in the library; they can make copies from library resources only as allowed by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, as amended by subsequent legislation.

9.      Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the library; only bottled water is allowed.

10.  Most of the library is a quiet reading area; users must maintain silence in these areas by not using mobile phones or chatting loudly, so as not to disturb other users.  

11.  Users may use portable computers or other electrical equipment of their own but they should comply with health and safety instructions.

12.  Users must familiarise themselves with and observe the health and safety procedures of the library, and must leave the library immediately in the event of a fire alarm or if instructed to do so in any other emergency.

13.  Users must leave library premises by the stated closing time unless permission for after-hours access has been granted. The circulation desk closes 15 minutes before the stated closing time.

14.  Users must carry their library cards with them at all times in the library and show their cards if a member of staff requests them to do so.

15.  Users must follow all other reasonable requests made by library staff.

16.  Users must treat as confidential any information which may become available to them through the use of library facilities and which is not clearly intended for unrestricted dissemination (such as information about other users); such information must not be copied, modified, disseminated or used either in whole or in part without the permission of the library or other person or body entitled to give it.


17.  Users must not pass their logins for accessing electronic resources, or other items issued to them by a library, to another person for library use, or use them for the benefit of another person.

18.  A user who vacates his or her place will be deemed to have left the library. His or her books may be cleared by the library staff unless s/he left a Do Not Reshelve note.

19.  Where breach or attempted breach of the Regulations above results in the late return of material borrowed, users will be liable to pay fines in accordance with the library’s fine policy.

20.  Where breach or attempted breach of the Regulations above results in damage to or loss of materials issued to them, Users will be liable for the costs of making good the damage or loss, including administrative and replacement costs.