In his opening remarks, Dr Amyn Sajoo, Visiting Fellow and series co-ordinator, reminded the audience of the indigenous roots of civic participation in Pakistan. This was reflected in His Highness the Aga Khan’s speech made in Islamabad last October on the ethical basis of civic solidarity in the context of Indigenous Philanthropy.

The Institute looks forward to welcoming a host of distinguished speakers in the next few months. They will include Professor Abdou Filali-Ansari and Dr Norani Othman on the prospects for civil society in the Maghreb and  Southeast Asia; Professor Ersin Kalaycioglu on Islam and civic culture in Turkey; and Dr Ziba Mir-Hosseini on gender in post-revolutionary Iran.

Details of future sessions appear on the Seminars, Conferences & Public Lectures pages, which in addition to offering regular updates on the series will also provide information on conferences and public lectures in which the Institute participates.

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