Delivering the keynote address at a gathering of academicians, students, media personnel, leaders of faith groups and members of the Ismaili Muslim community, Dr Aziz Esmail gave an analysis of a number of key notions of significance to human societies, such as time, history and categories of meaning, and related these to developments in the Muslim world and how these are reflected in usages of the Qur'an

Introducing the book, Dr Taji-Farouki, the editor, identified as its subject the trend in Muslim interpretation whereby new voices on the Islamic intellectual map are vying for space with the influential salafi approach to Islam. Essays by various scholars examine the work of ten authors on the Qur’an from around the globe, providing biographical and contextual-analytical discussions. The introduction situates and evaluates the thought of these authors and describes the responses to it on the part of Muslim and non-Muslim audiences.

Following an open session which gave the audience an opportunity to interact with her, Dr Taji-Farouki signed copied of the new book.