On 14th July 2006, the IIS launched a new website to enable greater collaboration with its graduates as well as to provide an arena where alumni-specific news, information, highlights and personal achievements are posted and can be viewed by the entire alumni community and other interested users.

In late 2005, the IIS established an Alumni Association with Chapter Groups for its North American, European and Asian Alumni. This and other initiatives by the Institute strive to build a closer working relationship with its alumni and to continue to contribute to their intellectual development. Where possible, the Institute also seeks to facilitate the graduating students’ transition into professional life.

A database of all IIS graduates from its various Human Resource Development programmes forms a major part of the new website. Alumni will have the facility to update their personal details and upload their curriculum vitae. Agencies affiliated with the IIS, including the Aga Khan Development Network, will have the capability to search the database for recruitment of voluntary and remunerated positions. The database also allows alumni to refer potential employers to an online resource that places their background and experiences within a larger context.

Alumni and visitors can now access information about Alumni activities through the IIS home page and through the Graduate Studies domain of the IIS website. In the future, this new website will also enable us to highlight Alumni publications, articles and research.