The new arrival consists of 39 students from five countries - Canada, India, Pakistan, USA and Tajikistan. Selected from a pool of 260 applicants, the group spans a diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds. During their two year programme, the students will be undertaking courses at the Institute of Education, University of London, and the IIS. The successful students will gain two postgraduate qualifications: a Masters in Teaching (MTeach) and a Masters in Education (Muslim Societies and Civilisations). The graduating students will qualify as secondary classroom teachers. Employed by the national ITREBs of their respective countries, they will implement the secondary education curriculum.

In order to prepare students for their new roles, the STEP programme will encourage new methods and pedagogical models. The students will also gain practicum experiences which are already taking place at the Ismaili religious education centres in London as well as at other pilot cities in the UK, giving the new cohort the opportunity to reflect on their roles in education and the community.