Wide ranging in its coverage, the Dictionary is a comprehensive resource for students as well as general readers. In simple and clear language, it provides entries on persons, places, events, and ideas related to Islam and Muslim societies. The pluralism and diversity of Islam are highlighted and a chronology as well as an extensive bibliography for further reading is provided. Given the need to balance and correct widely held stereotypes, the book is a timely contribution to enhance our understanding of one of the most important faiths and civilisational traditions of our time.

A key feature of this dictionary is that it addresses the diversity of interpretations among different Muslim communities. This ensures that the readers become aware of the shades, historical shifts and evolving nature of the intellectual, cultural and social heritage of Muslims and their relationships to the contemporary period.

It is hoped that the Dictionary of Islam will respond to the enhanced interest in the history and cultures of Muslim peoples of the world and contribute to the appreciation of Islam as part of the shared religious and cultural heritage of mankind.