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The conference entitled Education in Asia: What Global Issues? was held in Serve, France, on 12-14 June, 2014 to mark the 20th anniversary of their tri-annual journal,Revue Internationale d’Education de Sevres (RIES). At the conference, Dr Datoo presented a case-study on education in Pakistan in a workshop setting with the assigned theme The Narratives and Discourses Shaping Education.

Dr Datoo’s presentation entitled Predominant Narratives Shaping Education in Pakistan: Historical and Sociological Perspectives was based on textual and ethnographic works. He identified multiple ongoing narratives such as post/colonial identity, religious nationalism, globalisation, post 9/11 discourse of ‘enlightened moderation’, marketisation and media which continue to influence educational policy and curricular content in Pakistani schools.

The conference invited leading scholars in Education and Educational/Developmental leaders from Asia, America, Australia and Europe. Participants included academics, policy makers, members of ministries of education and culture, diplomats, members of funding agencies and journalists.