An image situated within an image: Outer image consists of monumental sides of pillars and walls with geographical designs, on its right is the second image overlapping with one dignitary congratulating another student/alumna while handing over an award to them

The IIS Alumni Association is pleased to announce the appointment of its elected leadership for the Asian, European and North American Chapter Groups. Established in 2005, the Alumni Association aims to strengthen the relationship between the Institute and its graduates by supporting the personal, academic and career development of the alumni as well as working with them to maximise the impact of their knowledge and skills.

Each year, the association conducts elections for Presidents and Secretaries of the three Regional Chapter Groups. These office bearers are responsible for the activities of the association in a given region, which include annual meetings.  The final elected candidates from this year’s elections to lead the Chapter Groups for a one-year term ending September 2021 are as follows:

Asian Chapter Group

  • President: Sarah Juma (STEP 2014)
  • Secretary: Hina Amirali Mawani (STEP 2017)

European Chapter Group

  • President: Nazneen Lakhani (WTEP 1994)
  • Secretary: Saima Khakwani (GPISH 2018)

North American Chapter Group 

  • President: Zahra Somani (STEP 2010)
  • Secretary: Sadiq Maredia ( STEP 2010)

The Alumni Relations Unit looks forward to working with the newly elected leaders.  A virtual meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the Alumni Association is scheduled for early next month where plans for the new term will be discussed.