IIS GPISH student Sobia Ibrahim has been appointed to the Youth Council of the Faith for Earth Coalition, a partnership between the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and people of faith seeking to address climate change and environmental issues. 

The Faith for Earth Coalition seeks to strengthen action towards inclusive, green and transformative development through the adoption of lifestyles and behavioural changes that are informed by faith-based and spiritual values.  

Sobia has been appointed to the coalition’s Youth Council, which is composed of young faith leaders and members of youth movements advocating for living in harmony with our planet. She was introduced to the opportunity by the IIS Climate Change and Sustainability Working Group, which she is a member of.  

Members of the Youth Council will learn how to address environmental degradation and climate change at the local level and how to encourage innovation and mobilise action to address these issues.  

Through her appointment to the Youth Council, Sobia has also been selected for a UNEP research project in collaboration with World Resources Institute. She will be conducting a preliminary study focusing on Islam and Sikhism, which will explore the role of young people of faith in championing environmental sustainability, human wellbeing and sustainable development.  

Congratulations to Sobia on her achievements: we look forward to her reporting back from her work on the council.