Dr Daryoush Mohammad Poor is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Academic Research and Publications at the Institute of Ismaili Studies. He is also a lecturer for the Department of Graduate Studies and his teaching areas include Ismaili intellectual history and philosophy, intellectual traditions and contemporary Muslim thought. He completed his PhD in 2012 at the University of Westminster in Political and Social Studies. His research interests include Ismaili studies, Shiʿi studies, political theory and philosophy, contemporary Muslim politics and the intellectual history of Muslims.

His latest book Authority without Territory: The Aga Khan Development Network and the Ismaili Imamate (2014) is a fresh theoretical engagement with contemporary institutions of the Ismaili imamate.

He has recently completed a new Persian and English edition of Shahrastānī’s Maljis-i Khwārazm and an evaluation of the impact of this work and Shahrastānī’s other works on the discourse of qiyāmat in the Alamūt period of Ismaili history, which awaits publication. His current project is a new complete English translation of Shahrastānī’s al-Milal wa al-niḥal