Recent talks and conferences:

  • 'The use of ḥadīth in the Kitāb al-Irshād of al-Shaykh al-Mufīd (d. 413/1022) on the example of the life of the Twelfth Imām’, The Study of Early Shīʿī Ḥadīth: Sources and Methodology Workshop, LAWALSI, University of Exeter, Online, May 2020
  • ‘Approaching the study of Shiʿi texts: rethinking the use of form, function and content’, LUCIS Annual Conference entitled Approaching Shiʿi Islam in the Academy, Leiden University, November 2018 
  • ‘Thematic and lemmatic principles of organising ḥadīths in Shiʿi texts’, A Workshop co-sponsored by the IIS, London and the Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shiite Islam (LAWALISI) Project, University of Exeter entitled Ḥadīth, Law and Theology in Early Shiʿite Islam, October 2018
  • ‘The Mythic and Normative in Early Muslim Literature’, The Mythic Dimension of Islam: Examining the Sources through the Lens of Myth, December 2015, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Jerusalem, Israel
  • ‘Reading Sīra with Hawting’, Early Islamic History in Review: A Workshop in Honour of Gerald Hawting, SOAS, April 2015