Hadi Mirshahi is the Manager of the Unit responsible for Human Resources Development Programmes in Central Asia. As part of Community Relations work with Ismaili Tariqa and Religious Education Boards (ITREBs), HRDP Central Asia and Iran aims to assist ITREBs of Afghanistan, Tajikistan (including Russia) and Iran to develop their human resources.
Having jointed the IIS in November 1993 as part of a newly set up Project Tajikistan, Hadi been involved with setting up and development of the administrative cell of the first Jamati Institution in Tajikistan known as ITREC. As a manger of Project Tajikistan since 2003, the next decade of his work was dedicated to supporting, supervising, and managing various components of the work of ITREC Tajikistan from HRD to helping with the development of ITREC’s Annual Operational Plans as well as their Annual Budgets.

Since 2013, Hadi has been managing the Human Resource Development Programmes for Central Asia and Iran (HRDP-CA) Unit at Department of Community Relations.

Hadi Mirshahi is a graduate of Class of 1983, Waezeen & Teacher Education Programme (WTEP), the first cohort of the IIS with Special Certificate from the IoE. He also holds a post graduate diploma in Human Resource Development from Birkbeck College, University of London which he was awarded in 2003.