Shamim Salaam is the Translations Co-ordinator in the Department of Curriculum Studies at the IIS and is responsible for managing the translations of the IIS primary and secondary curriculum in nine languages. Shamim is also responsible for the conceptualisation, identification and procurement of images reproduced in the IIS’s secondary curriculum and supports the STEP programme by lecturing on visual literacy and pedagogy.

With a first degree in Business Management and a Post 16 Certificate of Education, Shamim is also a qualified Librarian with a Masters in Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies from the University of London’s Institute of Archaeology. Her interests lie in cultural and contextual adaptation of learning materials, visual learning as a pedagogical tool, and the museum as a curricular space. To that end, she has also recently completed Masters modules on Museum Education and Visual Learning from the University of London’s Institute of Education. Prior to joining the IIS, Shamim worked at the Zamana Gallery at the Ismaili Centre in London where she managed the bookshop and co-ordinated the educational and performing arts dimensions of Zamana’s exhibitions.