Mohammad Rasekh is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Academic Research and Publications (DARP) at The IIS. He researches, supervises, writes and teaches on law, ethics, bioethics and related theories.

Mohammad studied law and humanities, both in Iran and the UK, in both traditional and modern academic institutes. He undertook many years of seminary studies on various Islamic subjects, in particular Islamic jurisprudence, theology and philosophy. He gained his LLB from Tehran University, LLM from London School of Economics, and PhD from the University of Manchester.

He has been lecturing and researching, since 1999, in law, religion, ethics and bioethics, and philosophy. He has been a fellow of and worked with various Middle Eastern and European research and educational institutes. His main areas of expertise and interest are, inter alia, legal theory and jurisprudence, philosophy of rights, Islamic law and theology, comparative constitutional law, biomedical law and ethics, law and religion, and theory of justice.