Zamira Dildorbekova is Programme Leader for the Secondary Teacher Education Programme (STEP) in the Department of Graduate Studies, which recently launched revised curricula for its double Master-level awards – an MA in Muslim Societies and Civilisations, awarded by SOAS, and a PGDip in Teaching and Reflective Practice, awarded by UCL. She is responsible for managing and overlooking academic provision on STEP and day-to-day operational aspects of the Programme, including curriculum and assessment. She is integrally involved in the strategic oversight, planning and design, monitoring and enhancement of the academic programme, whilst ensuring and maintaining robust and effective intra- and inter-institutional partnerships and collaborations. She is the first point of contact for students on academic matters.​

Zamira is a graduate of the IIS’ Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities (GPISH, Class of 2008). She holds a BA in English and German Linguistics from Khorog State University, and an MPhil in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex. She completed her doctorate on “The Dynamics of Islam and Modernity in Post-Soviet Tajikistan: Contemporary Discourse of the Ismailis” at the University of Exeter.

Zamira has previously worked extensively in the field of education, as well as taught and supervised students at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies (University of Exeter), and on GPISH and STEP at the IIS. Prior to joining the Department of Graduate Studies, she was also responsible for the development of educational materials, primarily teachers’ guides and supporting resources, for the Institute’s Secondary Curriculum at the Department of Curriculum Studies. She is presently a member of Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching “Islam: Religious and Social Practices, Universality and Locality”.