Dr. Feras Hamza


Dr Feras Hamza is Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the American University in Dubai. He completed his doctoral studies in Islamic history at the University of Oxford in 2001. His dissertation examined the development of the concepts of hell and intercession against the sectarian background of the first two centuries of Islam.

He worked at The Institute of Ismaili Studies from 2003 -2008, initially as a Postdoctoral Fellow and then as Research Associate, to work on An Anthology of Qur'anic Commentaries, co-edited with Dr. Sajjad Rizvi and Farhana Mayer. Dr Hamza taught at the Institute's Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities, courses on Islamic History, the Qur’aninfo-icon and the tafsir tradition. He has published a complete annotated translation of the popular Muslim Qurʾan commentary Tafsir al-Jalalayn (2008). He has also contributed to The Ismailis: An Illustrated History (2008), and to the 2nd edition of Encyclopaedia of Religion (2005).

His main research interests lie in the formative period of the Muslim community, particularly its early religio-political development, and the tradition of interpretative approaches to the Qur’an, from the classical to the modern period.