This work is a personal memoir composed by Ibn al-Haytham, a Shi‘i Muslim scholar from North Africa, who records the details of his meetings and conversations with two Ismaili leaders who spearheaded the Fatimid revolution in 909. It was as a result of this revolution that the Ismaili Imams were installed to power as Fatimid caliphs in the Maghrib. Ibn al-Haytham’s memoir – the Kitāb al-Munāẓarāt (The Book of Discussions) – provides an unparalleled insider’s view of the early Ismaili da‘wa or mission in action, and it adds enormously to out understanding of the foundations of the Fatimid state and the difficulties confronted by its original leaders. As such, it is a unique document in the literature of early Islamic revolutionary movements, as much as it represents an invaluable source on the history of the Fatimids and medieval Islam. Now available in paperback, this critical edition of the original Arabic text is accompanied by a complete annotated English translation.