The essays collected here reflect the great esteem in which Professor Hermann Landolt, Professor Emeritus of Islamic Thought at the Institute of Islamic Studies of McGill University and Senior Research Fellow at The Institute of Ismaili Studies, is held by his colleagues and students around the world.

This publication not only reflects the scholarly interests of Hermann Landolt in philosophy, Sufism and Shiʿism, but also takes a timely and refreshing look at the Islamic traditions of mysticism, philosophy, theology, historiography, and intellectual debate generally from earliest times to the twentieth century, in a series of diverse and stimulating approaches. As such, they are a corrective to the current alienating discourse on Islam which portrays it as a source of extremism and fanatical violence. A true warrior here is one whose struggle is for a more perfect understanding and experience of the world as the creation of a just and merciful God.

The essays, by an impressive list of scholars and experts, deal with Islam’s inner life as considered by some of its greatest representatives – intellectual personalities such as Ibn ʿArabī, al-Ghazālī, Kirmānī, Najm al-Dīn Kubrā, al-Qādī al-Nuʿmān, al-Rāzī, Ibn Sīnā and Suhrawardī. New source material is also presented, analysed and translated.