The Qurʾān is the sacramental foundation of prayer in Islam. Its inspirational power is perpetually renewed through being recited and meditated upon by Muslims on a daily basis throughout their lives. This succinct monograph provides a unique contemporary insight into the spiritual, intellectual and moral dynamics set in motion by the short Qurʾānic chapters recited in their prayers by Muslims of all traditions, but which are particularly recommended within Shīʿī Islam. Dr Shah-Kazemi engages creatively with the chapters of the Qurʾān, including the ‘Opening’ (al-Fātiḥa) chapter, basing his own philosophical reflections on the teachings of Imam ʿAlī. He focuses in particular on the relationship between the moral and the mystical aspects of the texts. The result is a stimulating philosophical meditation probing the depths of meaning comprised within the verses of a Revelation by which the spiritual quest of Muslims has constantly been inspired, nourished and fulfilled.