The world's 200 million Shiʿi Muslims express their faith in a multiplicity of ways, united by reverence for the ahl al-bayt, the family of the Prophet. In embracing a pluralistic ethic, fourteen centuries of Shiʿi Islam have given rise to diverse traditions and practices across varied geographic and cultural landscapes. The Shiʿi World is a comprehensive work authored by leading scholars from assorted disciplines, to provide a better understanding of how Shiʿi communities view themselves and articulate their teachings. The topics range from Shiʿi Islam’s historical and conceptual foundations, formative figures and intellectual, legal and moral traditions, to its devotional practices, art and architecture, literature, music and cinema, as well as expressions and experiences of modernity. The book thus provides a panoramic perspective of the richly textured narratives that have shaped the social and moral universe of Shiʿi Muslims around the globe. This fourth volume in the Muslim Heritage Series will appeal to specialists and general readers alike, as a timely resource on the prevailing complexities not only of the ‘Muslim world’, but also of the dynamic Shiʿi diasporas of Europe and North America.