Showing how the Shi‛a Ismaili Muslims unite their spiritual traditions with the demands of living in the modern world according to the ethics of Islam, this collection of essays imparts good sense on topics including an overview of Shi‛i Islam, a profile of the Ismaili Jamat and models for contemporary living. Under the guidance of the hereditary Imam of the Time, Aga Khan IV, the Jamat embraces a rich diversity of traditions which collectively strive towards the betterment of self and society. These clearly written essays highlight the crucial Ismaili traditions of philanthropy, voluntary service and self-reliance, while touching on the activities and achievements of the institutions of the Ismaili Imamat.

As a highly respected and veteran Jamati leader, who has also worked at the Institute of Ismaili Studies for over 40 years, Shams Vellani offers a unique perspective on the faith. Readers will benefit from the careful observations and keen insights shared by the author from a lifetime of service in the Ismaili community.

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