STEP Alumni


The Institute’s alumni body now consists of more than 600 graduates who are dispersed across the world. They are supported in their continuing professional and academic development through the IIS’ Alumni Relations Unit. STEP  graduates will also be UCL and SOAS alumni.

Our Alumni Association offers our graduates a number of benefits, including:

• Access to global job opportunities and events as well as the alumni directory via an online community portal.

• Access to research and conference participation grants of up to £1,000

• Learning and networking opportunities at Annual Chapter Group meetings, Alumni Lecture Series, and Meet & Greet events.

• Opportunities to participate in academic seminars

• An annual Alumni Newsletter that features alumni academic contributions and much more

• Opportunities to share news and publish research via a dedicated domain on the IIS website.

• Lifelong career services including webinars and coaching to help develop their careers

• Access to the Aga Khaninfo-icon Library in London

A range of Continuing Professional Development initiatives are in place for the STEP graduates, enabling them to enhance their skills and capabilities. As the STEP initiative takes root in different countries across the world, many opportunities for teacher exchange will emerge, offering international experience as well as facilitating knowledge-transfer across cultures. Further, with the growing network of Aga Khan Academies and partnerships with schools operated by the Aga Khan Education Services, graduates of STEP will have opportunities in the coming years to teach beyond the religious education system, contributing to the education of secondary students in the wider community.