Are you new to teaching or an experienced teacher?

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STEP will build on teaching-related experiences of your academic and professional careers. STEP will offer you an in-depth knowledge of the subjects you will be required to teach, as well as with the necessary skills to teach them effectively. Working closely with experienced faculty members from the IIS and the IOE, and classmates who bring practical teaching experience from varied global contexts, can be highly stimulating and supportive.

As an experienced teacher, STEP will provide you with a unique and exciting pathway to further your learning in the field of education. In addition to the practice-oriented approach of the PGDip, you will become familiar with principles of learning outside of the classroom. This will facilitate progression towards leadership-focused roles later in your career. You will have the opportunity to re-engage with issues that help improve your knowledge of student learning processes, whilst contributing to the overall development and revitalisation of religious education and school systems. The MA complements the PGDip focus by offering you opportunities to study and engage in discussions on the historical and contemporary aspects of Islam and the Ismaili tariqah (path), by participating in lectures and seminars on modules that draw upon the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences

Secondary Teacher Education Programme

Training and developing exceptional individuals to become teachers and mentors that inspire future generations wherever they are in the world.