In this interview, Dr Amyn Sajoo elaborates on the roots of Islam’s ethical framework and how its teachings have branched out in the cultural, political, intellectual and religious lives of Muslims, past and present.
Editor: Dr Amyn B Sajoo
Questions addressed in the interview:
1. What was the rationale behind the compilation of this Companion? (00:17)
2. What are the key points you would expect readers to take away? (01:30)
3. How in your view have Muslims approached the perceived ‘tension between the truth of tradition and the claims of reason’? (2:56)
4. A Companion to Muslim Ethics also includes chapters on subjects such as the environment, health and bioethics. Could you elaborate on these areas in the context of Muslim ethics? (6:13)
5. Who do you see benefiting from the study of this book? (8:31)