Keywords: Fatimids, Medicine, Pharmacy

Abstact: The Fatimid dynasty was founded in 909 CE in Tunisia, but it was the brilliant and prudent Fatimid Imam-caliph Al-Mu'izz (reigned 952-75 CE), who conquered Egypt in 969 CE and, two years later, moved from North Africa, to his newly founded glorious capital, Cairo. The Fatimid rulers were Imams of the Shi'a Isma'ili Muslims and, as a result of the remarkable administration and economic stability of their government, they enjoyed great prosperity and prestige. Hospitals, libraries, mosques, schools and an observatory were established and generously endowed by them. Among them was the famous "Al-Azhar" University (970 CE) in Cairo and Dar al-'Ilm (1005 CE).


Dr Sami K. Hamarneh

Dr Sami K. Hamarneh is the author of several books and articles, especially dealing with the historical development of medicine and pharmacy under the Muslim rule.

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