Like other Ismaili Muslim communities, the Ismailis of Tajikistan have inherited a distinct social and cultural heritage as well as religious traditions that are shaped, to a large extent, by geographical conditions and historical circumstances. The “Expressions of the Pamir” programme aims to provide insight into the culture and heritage of the Ismaili Muslims in Tajikistan, who like other communities in Central Asia have evolved in differing historical, socio-economic and political contexts.

The “Expressions of the Pamir” programme includes performances of music and dance, a series of exhibits and educational materials on the history and traditions of Tajik Ismailis, as well as a video documentary. The centrepiece of the programme was a performance by twenty-two Tajik Ismaili artists and musicians who for the first time presented their music, song and dance in North America, where the programme attracted over 40,000 viewers.

  • CD 1 contains 15 audio tracks
  • CD 2 contains 10 audio tracks with exclusive video footage from the “Music and Dance” performance and the documentary (below), Expressions of the Pamir: A Continuing Tradition.