The Institute of Ismaili Studies held a 7-day workshop for its alumni from 24th-30th June 2005 at its premises in London. Twenty participants from around the world travelled to London to participate in the workshop, which was developed in response to feedback from the alumni requesting refresher courses and continuing education opportunities.

The aims of this year’s workshop were to share with the alumni the vision and relevant intellectual perspectives developed at the Institute; to further enhance their critical thinking skills; and to engage them in discussion of historical and contemporary issues relevant to the Ismaili community in particular and Muslim societies in general.

The workshop began with a welcome breakfast, where the participating alumni were greeted by IIS senior management and staff as well as former faculty and staff who have been affiliated with human resource development initiatives at the IIS over the past twenty years. Thereafter, over the course of seven days, seminars were presented on a wide range of themes by scholars from the IIS, School of Oriental and African Studies, Carleton University, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria and Syracuse University.

The IIS intends to continue this initiative on a regular basis and to enhance its interactions with its alumni across the world.