The IIS Alumni Association is pleased to announce the appointment of its elected leadership for the Asian, European and North American Chapter Groups. Established in 2005, the IIS Alumni Association aims to strengthen the relationship between the IIS and its graduates through supporting the personal, academic and career development of the alumni and working with them to maximise the impact of their knowledge and skills.


Each year, the Association conducts elections for Presidents and Secretaries of the Regional Chapter Groups. These Chapter Groups are responsible for the activities of the association in a given region, which include annual meetings.


The following candidates have been elected to lead the Chapter Groups for a one-year term ending 31st August 2014:

Asian Chapter Group



Mr Nemat Alifbekov

(GPISH - Class of 2005)


Ms Laila Pirani

(STEP - Class of 2009)


European Chapter Group


Dr Dagi Dagiev

(GPISH - Class of 2003)

Mr Nibras Aldibbiat

(GPISH - Class of 2010)



North American Chapter Group


Ms Shahnaz Savani

(WTEP - Class of 1993)

Ms Aliyyah Datoo

(STEP - Class of 2010)


It is both our honour and privilege to serve at the Executive Leadership for the North American Chapter Group. We have the distinct pleasure of representing, architects, engineers, historians, theologians and educators among many others, who have and continue to influence the way in which Muslims Societies, Cultures and Civilisations are understood the world over.


We trust that this upcoming year will be filled with much excitement, with renewed opportunities for collaboration, for personal and communal development, and for the bourgeoning/flowering of new, lifelong friendships ” - Ms Shahnaz Savani and Ms Aliyyah Datoo (North American Chapter Group)


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