Nasir al-Din Tusi, one of the foremost Muslim scholars of the 7th AH /13th CE century, produced a number of theological, philosophical and scientific works under Ismaili patronage in Iran, and later, amongst the Mongols. The Rawda-yi taslim is Tusi’s last and most comprehensive Ismaili work.

Based upon the lectures (kalimat) that Tusi delivered at Alamut in Iran, Paradise of Submission is a treatise which reiterates the Nizari Ismaili teachings of Alamut within a coherent framework.

This latest publication of the Institute will be of particular interest to scholars as it has been prepared by J.B. Badakhchani on the basis of several known as well as recently discovered manuscripts of Tusi’s text. Paradise of Submission is an important resource for students interested in themes such as the Creator and the cosmos, the nature of human existence, ethics and human relations, religion, eschatology, prophethood and imamat.


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