Rich in history and culture, Cordoba and Cairo are considered to be two of the great cities of Muslim civilisations. Both cities feature prominently in the IIS-developed Secondary Curriculum, which will be used by graduates of the STEP for the education of secondary-level Ismaili students worldwide. STEP participants are currently “testing” elements of the Secondary Curriculum with Ismaili youth in London’s religious education centres as part of their local practicum experience

The recent trips to Cordoba and Cairo are meant to provide STEP participants with experience to complement their academic studies. They can then draw upon these real-life stories to enliven their teaching.

The students found the experience both enjoyable and educational. One of the students, Saba Ebrahim, summarised it thus: “Both educational excursions guided us in an exploration of our heart and mind, and helped in our development as teachers. For this reason, Spain and Egypt will always hold a special place in our hearts.”