Faheem Hussain, a student from the class of 2012 of the IIS Secondary Teacher Education Programme (STEP), presented a paper, entitled Textbooks, Power and Society at the History of Education Society's Annual Conference on Rulers, Rebels & Reformers, hosted by the University of Winchester in Exeter, UK in December 2012.

The themes presented at the conference included the teaching of history; classroom culture, education and religion, and citizenship education. Related to the theme of history teaching and citizenship education, Faheem’s paper highlighted the challenges of historiography and the nature of secondary level history textbooks in Pakistan.

Through an analysis of textbooks for teaching history, Faheem pointed to the ways in which state policies are reflected in the curricula. Moreover, the use of ‘Islam’ in the history textbooks also appears as part of state policy to achieve national consensus on varied political fronts.

The conference was an international platform for teachers and researchers to inform participants about current debates in the history of education.


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