Dr Sharofat Mamadambarova has been affiliated with Aga Khan agencies since 1995, serving as a Member of ITREC for Tajikistan (1995-2012), on the Aga Khan Humanities Project under the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (1997-2007) and at the UCA since 2007, where she has been a Member of the Board of Trustees since 2017.

She was a Member of the Board for First MicroFinance Bank in 2004-06, and between 2009 and 2019 was a Member of the Leaders’ International Forum and the first President of the Shia Imami Ismaili Council for Tajikistan, with the responsibility for the Jamat in four countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

In 1992 Dr Mamadambarova joined Khorog State University (KSU), where she served as Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Dean of Humanities and finally as Vice Rector of International Relationships.

Prior to joining KSU, she spent 16 years with the Foreign Languages Faculty at the Dushanbe Pedagogical University, first as an Assistant Professor of English, then as Vice Dean of the Foreign Languages Faculty and subsequently Head of Department.

Dr Mamadambarova has consulted with the Christensen Fund on various research projects and has participated in numerous exchanges and trainings on pedagogy and assessment in the USA. She received her first degree from the Dushanbe Pedagogical University in 1976 and PhD from the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow in 1990.