Riaz Rhemtulla is the STEP Liaison Manager in the Department of Community Relations. In this role, Riaz is responsible for working with the ITREB Academic Directors to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise across ITREBs to ensure the effective implementation of the IIS Secondary Curriculum and the successful implementation of STEP in the field according to the best academic, educational and professional standards. He is the main point of reference at the IIS for the ITREB Academic Directors, and is responsible for the continuing professional development of STEP graduates and the training of STEP mentors.

Prior to joining the Department of Community Relations, Riaz served in the Department of Curriculum Studies, where he has been involved with the conceptualisation and implementation of STEP and has been supporting STEP teachers’ practice in the implementation of the IIS Secondary Curriculum as well as supervising Masters level research projects. Riaz has also supported ITREBs globally to contextualise and implement programmes for the development of their teachers to suit their specific needs. In addition, he has contributed to the training of primary-level teacher educators and supported ITREBs in contextualising ECD materials for their diverse contexts.

With a diverse background in drama/theatre, genetics  and social work, Riaz joined the IIS as an Education Officer in 2000 to manage the teacher education programmes for the Ta‘lim primary education curriculum. Prior to joining the IIS, he worked for the Toronto District School Board in Canada for several years as a teacher and a teacher-educator at primary and secondary levels. Riaz completed a B.Ed. in Teacher Education from the University of Toronto, Canada. He holds an MA from the University of London's Institute of Education in Assessment and Evaluation, and is currently in the process of applying for a Doctoral programme in the role of the performing arts and Kathak dance in Islamic-based religious education.