Dr Shainool Jiwa is a specialist in Fatimid studies, and a Senior Research Fellow at The Institute of Ismaili Studies. Dr Jiwa’s latest publication, The Fatimids: The Rise of a Muslim Empire (2018) is a World of Islam series title, for which she also serves as the series General Editor. She is also the co-editor of The Shi‘i World: Pathways in Tradition and Modernity (2015), and The Fatimid Caliphate: Diversity of Traditions (2017).

Dr Jiwa has edited and translated key medieval Arabic texts relating to Fatimid history, including Towards a Shi‘i Mediterranean Empire (2009) and The Founder of Cairo (2013).

She has a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Edinburgh, an MA in Islamic Studies from McGill University, a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, leading to a fellowship in the Higher Education Academy