Qudsia Shah is a Senior Research Officer in Constituency Studies Unit. She joined the Unit in 2013. In this role, she has worked on and coordinated research projects on a wide array of themes, including Muslim spaces of worship and gathering, Ismaili religious rituals and practices, Muslim bio-medical ethics, Muslim approaches to the environment, and interfaith marriages. She has a keen research interest in climate change, on which she has presented at academic and public forums. Her forthcoming publications include two papers entitled 'Between Expedient and Ethical: Muslim approaches to the Environment’ and ‘Manghs of Hyderabad: History, Social Change and Sustainability,’ as well as, Ismailis of Gilgit-Baltistan, a book project as part of Living Ismaili Traditions Series. She is also a member of the IIS’s Working Group on Climate Change and Sustainability.

Before joining IIS, she had worked in the development sector in Pakistan with the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, The First MicroFinance Bank and Save the Children. She is an alumna of the GPISH programme of the IIS and has two postgraduate degrees, in Economics (MSc, Quaid e Azam University) and Anthropology (MA, SOAS).