Area of Focus

Medieval and early modern history of the Islamic world; Shi'i intellectual history; Islamic mysticism; messianic currents in Islam.

Current Research and Forthcoming Projects:

  • Book chapter titled ‘Nuqṭavis, Safavids and Shiʿism in 9th/15th – 11th/17th Centuries’, in F. Daftary and J. Esots (eds.), The Renaissance of Shīʿī Islam in the 15th–17th Centuries: Facets of Thought and Practice, I.B. Tauris (Shiʿi Heritage Series) in association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies. 
  • Translation of Mohammad Amir-Moezzi’s La Preuve de Dieu: la mystique shi’ite à travers l’œuvre de Kulaynî IXe Xe siècle (with Maria De Cillis), a publication project for the Shi’i Heritage Series

This focuses on the still insufficiently studied esoteric aspects of Shi’i Islam. It contains an extensive annotated translation of selected traditions from the Kitab al-hujja (Book of the Proof), which constitutes the central part of the monumental collection of sayings attributed to the historical imams of the Twelver line and titled Kitab al-Kafi (the Sufficient Book) by the prominent Shi’i scholar Muhammad ibn Ya’qub al-Kulayni (d. 328/939-940 or 329/940-941). The Kitab al-Kafi is also an important part of Ismaili spiritual and intellectual heritage.